The best tapas bars in Nerja

The 5 best tapas bars in Nerja


There are a hundred tapas bars in Nerja where you can eat delicious food at a good price. You order a good glass of wine, a beer or any other drink and they give you a free tapa. Nerja is one of the few places in southern Spain where they still give you free tapa with your drink. Some tapas are very traditional such as Iberian Ham, Machego Cheese, Meatballs, Russian Salad, Chorizo, Boquerones, Tortillas, Patatas Bravas and much more.

In Spain, tapas and food in general are especially appreciated for the quality of the product, which means that even relatively simple dishes can be very tasty. At the same time, there is a new trend where tapas are increasingly attractive in terms of presentation, flavor and originality. We see more and more businesses that, in addition to traditional tapas, focus on serving more culinary tapas, such as chicken and goat cheese skewers with honey and caramelized onion.


Here we leave you our favorite places to have tapas:




Located on Calle de la Gloria in the heart of Nerja, Redondo is one of the best-known tapas bars in the city.

Being on the main street of Nerja, the barrels outside Redondo are almost always busy. But fortunately the Redondo is very large so it is easy to get a table in one of its two bars. The two establishments are located opposite each other and despite having a different interior, they have the same menu. The “antique” round has a more cozy style and the “Fish” round has a modern and bright interior.

At Redondo, the first two pages of the menu are covered by all the tapas that you can choose for free with your drink, a lot of variety and all kinds of tapas: the typical traditional tapas, but also spring rolls, lasagna, camembert cheese., etc. The most famous tapa in Rodondo is the chorizo in flame (see photo)



Bar Dolores El Chispa


Bar Dolores El Chispa on Calle San Pedro 12 is more chaotic, noisier and really very Spanish. You can't choose your own tapas here, but you get a free tapa with every drink.

The tapas are very good and generous quantities. They give you a different tapa with each drink, although most of the tapas at Chispa are fish. The place has that nice and local atmosphere.

It is one of the cheapest tapas bars in Nerja.




La Rienda


This tapas bar is located on the west side of Nerja. There is always a friendly atmosphere with a mix of tourists and locals.

There is a large terrace where during the day you can enjoy the sun with some beers and tapas. The place inside is quite small and cozy. It is part restaurant and part tapas.

Tapas specialties: delicious pinchos, Carne de Málaga, and Secreto Ibérico.




El Pulguilla


El Pulguilla is one of the best-known bars in Nerja.

This restaurant is also very popular with the local population of Nerja. El Pulguilla is located in the old town of Nerja and is always full.

If you want to visit Pulguilla in summer, make sure you arrive early if you don't want to wait in line.

Here you can choose your tapa yourself. You can choose between fish, meat and vegetarian tapas, although Pulguilla is especially known for its fresh fish.


Plaza Tapas


Tapas Plaza is owned by Dutch people Johan and Jeanette and is located on Paseo de Burriana.

Although they don't give you a free tapa with your drink, you can order tapas combo plates. For the price of 20 euros you can choose between a combined Thai, Spanish or chef's choice tapas plate.

All the dishes are very tasty, they serve good wines and it has views of the sea.

We recommend the varied Thai-style tapas plate.




Of course, there are many more tasty tapas bars in Nerja where you can eat delicious food, drink a glass of wine or beer and immerse yourself in the pleasant Spanish culture.


See you later!




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