Attractions Malaga

Malaga is wonderful although most tourists Malaga Spain as alleenkennen approach and most immediately by port for South naarandere travel places in Andalusia. MaarMalaga is well worth the bouwwerkenuit by the interesting museums, the beautiful Moorish time, the many ' tapas ' bars, luxury shopping and beautiful beaches enontelbare terraces. Worth a visit are the Alcazaba. E Ditdoor the Moors in the 11 century fort built baaivan is nestled high above the Malaga and overlooks the city. From the Alcazaba do you have a beautiful zichtop the bull ring built in 1874 with a capacity of 15,000 people. Also visit the adjacent Gibralfaro,eeenkasteel built in the 14 century by the Muslim King Yusuf. The Romeins Theatre is located close to the Alcazaba, was only discovered in 1951 enis free. The inMalaga Cathedral is a mixture of building styles through the especially long construction time of 1528, the Christians had conquered, nadat Malaga to 1782 when the construction was finished. Malaga has many museums, including the newly opened Carmen Thyssen hetarcheologisch museum, and the Picasso Museum. The Centre of Malaga has a lot of shops. Hanging above the shadow there exists inthe summer cloths what CalleLarios main shopping street next to shadow gives a nice effect. There are many mettapasbarren squares and terraces. To the train station Maria Zambrano is a grootoverdekt shopping centre with countless shops. Close to the airport, you can also eenbioscoop and hetwinkelcentrum Plaza Mayor with restaurants.

Important celebrations in Malaga are the Christmas week, Carnaval, Semana Santa (the week voorPasen) with impressive processions through the city, the night of San Juan 23 njuni deFeria around on the beaches with campfires and 19 August.

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