Frigiliana sights

Beautiful white mountain village located in the Axarquia in Andalucia and is several times already to isuitgeroepen most beautiful white mountain village of southern Spain. All the houses in Frigiliana enelk year all the villagers are again whitewashed their home white paints on load of degemeente. The beautifully renovated Frigilianaligt on 430 meters above sea level and has a beautiful view over the deMiddellandse sea and 7 km from Nerja and Frigiliana located deimposante mountains of the Almijara mountain range.

Things to do in Frigiliana

Around Frigiliana, there are many prachtigewandeltochten. A leukewandeling is to walk along the river of Frigiliana to Nerja, the tochtduurt about 2 hours. Isontstaan Friliana in 1767 and has its Moorish character very well preserved. The kleineoude Centre with its narrow streets and beautiful white houses invite you to eenwandeling through the village. In the village square is the Church of San Antonio, also natuurlijk white. There are many small shops with ambachtsprodukten, to leukom. Jeer also think many outdoor cafes and restaurants often with a beautiful view of deomgeving where you can enjoy a delicious glass of wine. Try the ookeens Berenjenas con miel de miel from Frigiliana, which overheerlijk. Market on Thursday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours. Rastro (flea market) op Saturday.

Special celebrations in Frigiliana;

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