Comares sights

Comares in Andalusia is a pueblo blanco or white dorpwat by its unique location and beautiful panoramas around al bezienswaardigis. The streets are narrow and a wandelingdoor the village takes you along the charming houses in which the women from dewoonkamer detoeristen to sell local products. The views of the surroundings are beautiful and you kijktuit about the impressive mountains of the Montes de Malaga and the coastline of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Take a look at the old fort LaeTahonawat the Moors in the 8 century on the remains of a Roman fort hebbenopgebouwd. From here you have a beautiful view over Comares and the Malaga Montesde. Above you can find the cemetery where the bovengrondsegestapelde tombs are richly decorated. Calle del Perdon is named after the baptism of tientallenachtergebleven Muslims who took place after the reconquest of Comares here by the Christians. After to have erred by Comares enjoy hetheerlijk is on a terrace on the square of the village of Comares in beautiful Andalusia. There are many beautiful walks in the surroundings of Comares and Comares is then suitable as a base for a hiking holiday in Andalusia.

Things to do near Comares

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